FREE Online Activities For Kids During School Closures



Free Online Activities

Homework is not required during Stephen Foster’s closure, so students will not get credit for any of the work done at home. However, here are some FREE online activities to keep you and your child engaged with fun and educational content during this break. Now is the perfect time to encourage your kids to study the topics covered or will be covered in class, or better yet, explore subjects that pique their interest.

We’ve also created a list of other FREE online activities during this break. Free Online Activities For Kids During School Closure, Free Books & Storytime Activities, Free Virtual Field Trips, and Free Online Activities For Teens & Adults.

Stephen Foster Students

  • Google Classroom
    Your child’s teacher may have provided access to Google Classroom with some fun educational activities.
  • Zearn
    Your child has probably memorized their login by now.
  • Wonders ConnectEd Your child has probably memorized their login by now.
  • Read
    Now is a great time to catch up on reading. See below for a list of free books and storytime activities.
  • AR Book Finder
    A directory of all the books available to be tested on for the Accelerated Reader quizzes taken in class.

All Grades

Variety of Subjects


English Language Arts



Physical Fitness

  • Sworkit Youth Initiative
    Sworkit provides physical fitness classes and is always free for kids. They have a few classes specifically for kids.
  • GoNoodle
    Fun physical fitness videos

Learn Another Language

Lower Elementary Grades

Upper Elementary Grades

Virtual Field Trips

Please visit our list of FREE Virtual Field Trips here.

Free Books & Storytime Activities

Please visit our list of Free Books & Storytime Activities here.

Teens and Adults

Please visit our list of FREE online activities for teens and adults here.





Please ask your PTA related questions via Messenger here: Or, you can visit our Facebook Page and ask there. Otherwise, please contact your student's teacher or the office.


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