2021 Fall Fundraiser

Our Charleston Wrap fundraiser kicks off today!

With over 2,500 gift ideas there is something for everyone on your holiday gift list! Be sure to register online today at www.registercw.com (organization ID 22779), and please start SHARING our fundraiser with your family & friends via email, text and social media.

Fundraiser Details

Dates: Thursday, September 9 through Friday, September 24

Website: https://registercw.com/
Organization ID: 22779

This year we will be participating in an online only fundraiser. All orders will be placed online and delivered right to your door. We will not accept any orders at the school, nor will we have any items delivered to the school to distribute to students. However, all incentives your student earns will be given to them at school.

We hope you enjoy the wide selection of items and try out some of the personalized items, too!

Incentives Prizes

Your child has the opportunity to earn several incentive prizes, including a pizza party, just for participating. You must register here first and share the links you are provided in order for it to count.

Internet Incentive

Organization ID: 22779

Participants who’ve sent out 10 shares via email, text or social media will receive a prize and an additional prize with 20 shares.

Catalog Incentives

Daily Prize Incentive

Students are entered to win a pop it fidget toy for each day an order is placed in their name.

Daily Classroom Prize Incentive

Classes are entered to win a new ball for their class daily when an order is placed in one of their students’ name.

Pizza Party Incentive

Students who sell a certain amount of items will be able to join in on a special pizza party just for them. This year we will base the minimum amount of items on a sliding scale by family, not student.

The minimum sales to be eligible are as follows:

  • 6 items for 1 student in family
  • 8 items for 2 students in family
  • 10 items for 3 or more students in family

If your family has 2 or more students at the school and will be participating in the fundraiser, please fill out the bottom portion of this flyer and turn in as soon as possible. This form is the only way we will be able to determine which students are eligible to participate.


Please visit our 2021 Fall Fundraiser FAQ page here if you have any questions.

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