2022-2023 PTA Board Nominations

Nominations for the 2022-2023 PTA board are now available

Please return the bottom portion of this flyer to the office by February 21, 2022 if you are interested in one of the following positions.

The elections will be held on March 22, 2022.

Jobs & Descriptions

  • President – To plan and organize meetings and committees. Attend monthly council meetings.
  • Vice-President – Assume presidents duties if unable to attend and/or conduct a meeting or event.
  • Secretary – To keep a legal record of all meetings of the Stephen Foster PTA
  • Treasurer – To work as part of the financial team to help create the budget, pay bills, track spending.
  • Financial Secretary – Part of the financial team, help create budget, track spending, deposits.
  • Parliamentarian – To assist the president when questions of procedure arise.
  • Auditor – To work as part of the financial team to audit and monitor financial records.
  • Fundraising – To help plan and organize fundraising efforts and committees.
  • Membership – To implement a membership drive, track membership information and keep current.
  • Hospitality – To plan and organize food and/or snacks for meetings, events, etc.
  • Historian – To keep record of events, programs, and volunteer hours for Stephen Foster PTA
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