Earn 1,000 Bonus School Cents Points When You Support The Season of Giving by donating $10!

Earn FOSTER 1,000 points for every $10 minimum donation made now through December 22nd.

Choose an organization below:

Lakewood Center is supporting Big Brothers Big Sisters. Click here to donate.

Los Cerritos Center is supporting Olive Crest. Click here to donate.

Stonewood Center is supporting TLC. Click here to donate.

Upload your receipt with a $10 minimum donation here or email it to SchoolCents@StephenFosterPTA.com, or drop a copy of it in the blue box in the school office by January 15th to earn 1,000 School Cents points. Limit one bonus per person, but if you are planning to donate more than $10 you can maximize our bonus points by splitting it into multiple $10 donations given by different individuals in your family!

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