First Day of School Meet Up – 2021

UPDATE: The year has been corrected on the back-to-school photo prop signs.

Welcome Back to School!

The PTA will host a Welcome Back Meet-Up on the front lawn of the school on the first day of school.

There will be a backdrop and balloon arch set up if you would like to take “first day of school” pictures of your child. In an effort to remain as clean as possible, we’ve created the photo prop signs below for you to print and bring with you. One is even customizable and can be used on the first and last days of school for many years to come. Simply click on the image to download it.

After the bell rings and the kids are in class, we will provide parents with light refreshments on the front lawn. This will be a great opportunity for you to become familiar with us and learn more about what we do. We will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

There will be last year’s yearbooks for sale if you would like to purchase one (cash only).

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday!

Custom First Day Sign

If you will use the custom sign, it is recommended that you download, edit and print from your computer using the free Adobe Reader program. You can download it for free here ( Once open, just click on the name, grade, etc. to change those fields. If you see blue boxes, don’t worry, they won’t print. They are just there to show you which fields are editable.

UPDATE: The year on the back-to-school photo prop sign has been corrected.

First Day of School Sign

Hello Grade Signs

⚡ Enjoy!

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