School Cents March Madness

We are in the home stretch for School Cents this year! So to celebrate and keep the momentum of first place, we are having a March Madness Receipt Collection all month long before the flag salute in the morning.

Please bring any receipts you have dated from 5/1/21 to present from the Lakewood Center, Lakewood Restaurant Row, Los Cerritos Center, and Stonewood Center and your child will be able to pick a prize from our treasure chest!

Not only can you submit paper receipts from the stores, you can also submit screenshot receipts when you purchase through the app or website and pick up from the store. Receipts from services like GrubHub, Instacart, Postmates, etc. also count as long as its one of the qualifying stores, so be sure to submit those as well!

You can do it yourself here, or print it out and have your student give it to us in the morning by the flag pole.

Bonus Point Opportunities

Lakewood Run

Please don’t forget to log your receipt if you participated in the Lakewood Run! We will earn an additional 2,500 bonus points if you do.

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