Be Internet Awesome: A Google and National PTA Partnership

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What Is Be Internet Awesome?

Be Internet Awesome teaches kids about how to stay safe online in a fun and interactive way. Please visit their site for a wealth of resources and to play the educational game, Interland. The site also has resources available in Spanish.

Tips To Stay Safe Online

  • Be Internet Smart
  • Be Internet Alert
  • Be Internet Brave
  • Be Internet Kind
  • Be Internet Strong

Interland Educational Game

Interland Graphic

Interland is an online game developed by Google to teach kids the Be Internet Awesome lessons in a safe and entertaining way.

Be Internet Awesome Family Guide

Family Guide

Digital Well Being Family Guide

Digital Well Being Guide

Family Link Guide For Parents

Family Link Guide

Be Internet Awesome Pledge


More Digital Safety Resources

Please visit the Be Internet Awesome website for more digital safety resources.

PTA Connected

PTA Connected

PTA Connected has plenty more internet safety resources available to you, and we encourage you to visit the site.

The Smart Talk

The Smart Talk Logo

The Smart Talk is a collaboration between The National PTA and NortonLifeLock to encourage families to set rules to use the internet wisely. When you visit The Smart Talk, you’ll have the opportunity to work with your child to create your own set of internet rules.

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