3rd Grade Resources For Ms. Palmer’s Class

3rd Grade Resources

Homework is not required during Stephen Foster’s closure, so students will not get credit for any of the work done at home. However, here are some FREE online activities to keep you and your child engaged with fun and educational content during this break. Now is the perfect time to encourage your kids to study the topics covered or will be covered in class, or better yet, explore subjects that pique their interest.

The resources here were curated by Mrs. Palmer. If you have any questions regarding this content, please refer them to her. If there is an error on this page such as a broken link, please email tech@stephenfosterpta.com.

From Mrs. Palmer:

The following sites are recommended by Mrs. Palmer for your third grader. Please note that not all third graders have pre-existing accounts. Ask your child, as there may be other sites they use in their class as well. Most children have their log in information in their planners.

All Subjects

  • Brainpop.com
    I just found out they are offering FREE ACCESS to families now, so I would definitely take advantage of this amazing learning site. It covers all subjects, but I’ve mostly used it for science and social studies topics when I had a “free trial” one month.  Here are the steps: go to brainpop.com.  Click on the box that says “Get Free Access”, then click on “Free Family Access” and go from there. They also have a kid-friendly coronavirus video that I viewed and thought was very helpful. They offer other activities like “Creative Coding” and “Make a Movie”.  I haven’t tried those but they looked interesting. I think students will LOVE this site.


  • Zearn.org
    A couple of our third grade classes have their students enrolled in Zearn. It follows along with our Eureka Math Series.
  • Prodigy.com
    Kids LOVE this site. If your child is not enrolled already, I believe parents can sign up their child from home. This is also FREE.

Keyboarding Skills

  • Typing.com
    Again, you can sign your child up if your child’s teacher has not already done so (ask your child, they will know). On this site, make sure students are leaving their fingers on the “home keys”, and not just typing fast with 2 fingers. They need to practice the RIGHT way! This is also a free site.

English Language Arts (ELA)

  • Wonders ConnectEd.McGraw-Hill.com
    This website is connected.mcgraw-hill.com.  Students hopefully know their usernames and passwords for their account (see planners). This site has ALL the anthology stories, vocabulary games, spelling games, reading skills practice, grammar songs, etc. Most students should be familiar with this site. They should check it out and click on some icons they’ve never tried before and see all this site has to offer. Great for review of the third grade stories and reading skills we’ve covered this year. 
  • Scholastic Learn-At-Home
    I really like how the content is broken up by grade spans, and then by days (Day 1, Day 2, etc.) It seems very organized, engaging and inviting.  Have your child check it out, starting with day 1 and then doing one each day. 


  • MysteryScience.com
    Students LOVE the engaging science videos and information given on this site. I just went there and noticed they have FREE mini lessons for kids to do at home. Go to mysteryscience.com and click on the top yellow bar that says “Preparing for school closure? A starter list of K-5 science lessons that are easy to do at home is now free – no sign-up or log-in required”. Once you click on that, scroll down and click on the link that says “Parent sign up for mini lessons” OR you can keep scrolling down and see some mini-lessons/videos that are ready to click on and view.  They made this site very user friendly!
  • Google Slide Decks
    Just like we do in class for “Genius Hour”, students may pick any science or social studies topic, do some research, then create slide decks to share with me (or the whole class). Every child in room 53 has done this and knows the steps. Remember to refer to your “How to Create Google Slides” hyperdoc that I sent you last August. This would be a good refresher course for creating slide decks, and also to learn how to do something NEW you haven’t tried yet. 

Physical movement

  • GoNoodle.com
    Physical movement, skill review, guided dancing, etc. Mrs. Palmer’s favorite channel is “Blazer Fresh”. There is a FREE sign up, and they also have a premium offer, but we’ve always been happy with the “free version”. I believe there may be a “Go Noodle at Home” link parents may want to check out. I just went on the site and clicked “Go Noodle Good Energy” and found TONS of not only engaging movement videos, but extension activities to go along with them. Good stuff!!

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