6th Grade Resources

6th Grade Resources

Homework is not required during Stephen Foster’s closure, so students will not get credit for any of the work done at home. However, here are some FREE online activities to keep you and your child engaged with fun and educational content during this break. Now is the perfect time to encourage your kids to study the topics covered or will be covered in class, or better yet, explore subjects that pique their interest.

The resources here were curated by Mrs. Bomgaars. If you have any questions regarding this content, please refer it to her. If there is an error on this page such as a broken link, please email tech@stephenfosterpta.com.


From Mrs. Bomgaars:

I emailed them along with the other teachers some suggestions and resources to use for learning at home.  

Here are a couple of links that I have found to be useful with watching someone teach a math lesson.

Upcoming topics that we would be working on this month are…
Finding the area of quadrilaterals such as parallelograms & trapezoids.
Finding the area of triangles.
Finding the area of irregular polygons by breaking the polygon into smaller shapes and applying the appropriate formula, then adding the areas together. 
Solving area equations… For example, if 1 of the dimensions is missing, use inverse operation to find the unknown number.  

Some good review would be to work on…..
Adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing Whole Numbers, Decimals, and Fractions. 

And to print free practice worksheet…

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