5th Grade Resources



5th Grade Resources

Homework is not required during Stephen Foster’s closure, so students will not get credit for any of the work done at home. However, here are some FREE online activities to keep you and your child engaged with fun and educational content during this break. Now is the perfect time to encourage your kids to study the topics covered or will be covered in class, or better yet, explore subjects that pique their interest.

The resources here were curated by the 5th-grade teachers. If you have any questions regarding this content, please refer to them. If there is an error on this page such as a broken link, please email tech@stephenfosterpta.com.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom

Your student should have their login information memorized. If not, please ask their teacher. Work will be posted here, so check back often.


Mrs. D Recommends:
This a great opportunity to get caught up with Zearn.org lessons for those who are behind. You can also sign up for Khan Academy for math review. Both are free.


This website covers all of the math topics taught in class. Your student should have their login information memorized.


This website has educational materials on various topics, including math.

Prodigy Math

This website has math games.

Curriculum Associates

This website has many math worksheets


This website has math worksheets.

Language Arts

From Mrs. Porciuncula:
“Read daily for at least 50 minutes and record your minutes. Your parents will need to initial [the reading log] after you have read. This is also another great opportunity to get caught up with reading and be ready to take AR quizzes when they get back.

I’m working on getting NEWSELA articles on the Google Classroom as soon as I figured it out I will let you know.”

“The Reading Log has now been uploaded to Google Classroom. Students just need to log into their BUSD email account and go to Google Classroom. The Weekly Log assignment has been posted on the stream. They do not need to turn it in until they have completed it. The summary writing is only for the end of each week.”

The reading log does not need to be printed. Students should fill it out on Google Classroom and submit it there as well.


Please contact Mrs. Porciuncula for login details or check Google Classroom


Please contact Mrs. Porciuncula for login details or check Google Classroom

Variety of Subjects

K5 Learning

This website has math and ELA worksheets.

Worksheet Works

This website has hundreds of worksheets covering a variety of subjects.

Teachers Pay Teachers

This website has hundreds of resources covering a variety of subjects.

Social Studies

Study 50 States

From Mrs. Porciuncula:
“Study the 50 states. The test that was scheduled for Monday will be given Wednesday April 1st instead. Here are some websites to practice:”


Name the U.S. state game and many other educational games



Map games and other educational activities


50 State Project

From Mrs. Porciuncula:
“The students who were at school yesterday received all the materials they needed to complete the project. For students who were absent yesterday, I will have another email with the materials used for the project. You will be able to print it out. The only thing you’ll need to get is a manila folder. Here is a picture of a finished project. With being out for two weeks, they should be able to turn it in completed the Monday we come back.”

50 State Project 1
50 State Project 2


Please visit Google Classroom and check back on this site in the coming days.





Please ask your PTA related questions via Messenger here: m.me/sfosterpta. Or, you can visit our Facebook Page and ask there. Otherwise, please contact your student's teacher or the office.


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